What is the Wahrscheinichkeit pregnancy?

Hello, a bit complicated: I have my pill Zoely taken 21 times correctly, then I had 3 days pill break and have subsequently retaken 3 times correctly the pill. Then, however, the blister was empty - and I fool had no new packing at home. That was on Saturday. Today I had something with a man who did not have sex in the sense because no one had a condom there, but oral sex and 'fumble'.

Since I'm stupidly no longer protected by the pill, there is indeed the possibility of pregnancy ... But I honestly do not know whether it is now worth tomorrow to make fully the uprising, because I would have to go to the doctor my mother and I must explain everything then blah blah, because the morning after pill.

Do you think the probability that I am pregnant is given?

Can it go so fast with ovulation?

Thank you support for the (mental). LG

The best answer

Do not worry about, so fast you will not pregnant and between the pill are often seven days break because of the rule but at this time it is still protected. For safety, let put you under a different guise in the city, go briefly to nem Great doctor and let you prescribe after the pill. One friend, it is also ever so fared like you and there's nothing happened. If it makes you feel, you can figure out when your fertile days are and maybe that includes what I call a pregnancy something yes.

In oral sex and petting one is not pregnant. Although some sperm get to the vagina from the outside it is possible, but unlikely.

The probability is given when the man comes IN the woman.

If sperm are not directly come to your vagina, you can not ever be pregnant. Otherwise you buy a pregnancy test or go to the FA. We can not judge whether you really are pregnant or not.

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