What is this feeling that I have for a special person?

if you insane longing for someone. Mega yourself would a person to see and be happy about every smallest smile. get stomach ache if you do not know if he is doing well. wants to share beautiful moments with her. Totally relaxed is when one lies with her and she is just there. is a hot when something nice says what you love to hear from you. Your every time want when you see them make a small joy. And for safety if it sometimes goes her badly or she has a bad day has almost always have a surprise or a joke or a funny photo. If you find no more words to describe her how important she is to me. If you will not fully feel without them. Almost every minute thinking about it and always wants to know where she is and what she does? And if it could it be better to try to ensure that it is like that. to want to fulfill your every wish it has on your mind? If someone perosn opposite nothing is embarrassing, or has to be her. If we all accepted her.

The best answer

are probably in love ;-))

Then one loves them.

Love is the word that you are looking for :)

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