What is this part that moves when the room produces a noise?

Hi, So, I should tell what in physics about this part, but I have not written to me, as they say, and now I've forgotten it ._. So, somehow this unit is a part that moves when someone makes a noise in the room or moving. And as far as I can remember there are so balls off ... well, I can just absolutely not remember what that is. Therefore I need help (And no advice, I write it down the next time that I know myself, you eventually learns from his mistakes).

LG Alecy

The best answer

Should therefore be determined is the gravitational constant?

This is very sensitive, so it moves with little influence.

I think I know what you mean.

Cavendish experiment.


perhaps Did you mean: A Mobile?

Luftmolekül- part -chen?

Motion sensor or motion!


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