What is unhealthy coffee or cola or Redbull?

And what more damaging to teeth?

The best answer

I think it should not affect cola soft drinks and all other foods, as long as after drinking clean teeth does mouth be promptly to ensure the tooth surface, leaving no residue, does not affect the proper dental health approach have after drinking acidic beverages rinse immediately with water, half an hour after brushing

If best Cola and less frequently consume red Bull, both of which are terrible! Coffee, however, is good to stimulate your muscles after exercise ...

I do not understand that. Teeth can still be easily exchanged, liver and kidney after the Red but usually not or only over-consuming. And whether the sugar still twitching from the Cola at the age, will probably be detectable by itself. Try asking my internist.

For the teeth? Cola. Because of sugar and phosphoric acid.

Red Bull does not contain phosphoric acid, and coffee not even sugar. The coffee is pretty damn teeth.

Red Bull on unhealthy, cola, coffee healthiest

Cola has a lot of sugar

Cola is the unhealthiest I would say

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