What is your opinion about the app 1Password and should I buy the Pro version?

In the first picture, the app is on the other images are the pro features

The best answer

Yes, 1Password is great. You have your data may not be out of hand. The passwords can only save locally and do not have to be synchronized via Dropbox or iCloud. A wireless sync is possible. Each password manager is a leap of faith to the suppliers. I personally use but rather a password manager as weak passwords.

Especially the one-time passwords are - in my opinion - a good reason to get the Pro version. So you can use directly from 1Password for example, functions such as the Google Authenticator. Very convenient!

Contrary to the announcement of TheMysteryGamer Agil bits is no American group but is from Canada.

If the app would be unsafe, they would not be available in the AppStore.

But yes it is worth it really you will not regret it

The app is really great

Yes is good mach mal

Whether you enter all passwords in the hands of an American company should be your decision. Would not it.

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