What kind of a dessert?

Can anyone tell me what kind of a dessert and also possibly give me the recipe to me? It looks "disgusting" but you have also interesting from. I found this on the Internet but without any description.

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This is simply colorful jello or jelly cubes, look:

Mosaic - Jelly, Colorful jelly, basket Peter

A sweet culinary Party - looker


3 bag / n Jelly, red, yellow and green 1 1/2 liter of apple juice (alcoholic variety) or white wine 300 g sugar (I use fructose sugar) 10 sheets of gelatin, white 1/4 liter of milk 1/4 liter of whipped cream 6 Pck. Vanillinzucker


Working time: about 1 hour rest period: approx. 8 hours / difficulty:. Simple / p calories. P .: about 380 kcal

The jello powder in three pots, red, yellow and green separated, according to package directions, each with 1/2 liter of apple juice or wine to touch (at will also be mixed with water) and provide at least 3 hours cold. So just make 3 x jelly (Jello).

After the cooling time the gelatine for vanilla jelly according to package directions.

Get The solidified Götterspeisen from the refrigerator and often cross with a sharp knife to the ground, cut transversely and horizontally.

Now enter the three jellies with a pan or a knife lifter gently in a large, washed with cold water glass bowl while mixing with each other.

The milk with cream and vanilla together until the sugar has dissolved. The soaked gelatine according to package instructions dissolve. First, the temperature compensation stir 2-3 tablespoons of vanilla cream milk under the dissolved gelatin, then stir the gelatin mixture with the remaining vanilla cream milk, this must happen quickly.

Pour vanilla cream milk over the Götterspeisen in the glass and leave again well cool and solidify. One can make the whole thing in a box shape, looks in gestürztem state of exceptionally well.

Either serve in glass bowl or put the glass dish briefly in hot water, so that the jello dissolved, and fall.

Tastes heavenly, the mosaic pieces look great, I have to do wherever I once begun this dessert.

When the gelatin clumps in the vanilla-cream milk, because the milk and cream are cold and the gelatin is to quickly realize again give short the vanilla-cream milk with the gelatin in the microwave, but only warm, multiple short attempts will always stir well until everything is smooth.

Good succeed :-)

Source: http: //www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/1173911223538725/Mosaik-Goetterspeise-Bunter-Wack ...

This is jello. This can also be found very often in Chinese on the buffet

This is jello in Quark or so.

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