what legal framework?

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The conditions (not only the legal, and financial or economic conditions) determine the area in which free decisions can be made. The laws often say what is not allowed. we know the other things under the heading allowed or legal.

The law and the traffic regulations also form a frame. We may use various forms of transportation, however, have to abide by the respective mode of transport to the rules currently applicable. The decision from A to B want to be freely defined. Already no longer route. The must only be allowed on the trails. According Roads also rules apply again. It may be parked or not, speed, direction etc.

So under these regulations can be carried out or plan their travels. A free planning or execution is in such a case no.

The two words 'legal framework' are particularly apt to be used when someone wants to emphasize the use of its discretion or want to bring a restriction of its possibilities for expression.

Conditions according to Duden:

Conditions which mark out the outer frame for something.


Legal frameworks are the outer frame and thus the preset limits that must be respected in a specific case (eg in a planned project).


I want to with several colleagues to start a business - either a limited or GbR. Which form of society has the more favorable legal framework for our project?

Hello pazifistaaa,

if one undertakes anything, these are the questions:

May I not right? - What are the rules, laws, decrees, conditions must be observed?

This can be very different depending on the field.

Some of it is simply a matter of course (if I take the bus, I must have a valid ticket.).

Some things are complicated (If I build a house, I need a building permit, for which there is again rules, I have to have a notary if necessary for land registration, I conclude contracts with companies, regulates the use of financing, must it sign contracts and back again notary for land registration, etc., etc. ...)

These are guidelines. Can you imagine how the football. When the ball hit the pitch markings exits to the outside, it is made in. When it comes to legal, then everything that happens outside the prescribed legal terms, a violation.

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