what many against Casper?


I do not feel that jz. which offensive or so. Thank you very much.

First anticipate. And no, I am not a 10 year old girl who heard his songs and carves itself.

Whenever I, his songs on YouTube and then hear a short time by reading the comments, I see almost only insults.

He had a terrible voice. Since you have to say, this is a matter of taste.

However, I love his voice, and find them even soothing, relaxing.

I think he speaks many people with his lyrics from the soul. In my view, he is one of the best rappers. This is but as I said, just my opinion. Bz. A matter of taste.

Many also believe he is guilty, the youth, so a crap how his reinzieht and then "scratches".

What have many against him? If they do not listen to his music, either turn off the radio or not haten in the comments.

Has he done something bad? The insult him many.

I guess only that it is the envy of some. Because this smoky in his voice, in my opinion, is something special.

As I said, here diverge opinions.

Would not happy about answers, please post any abusive or simply unnecessary.

Thank you very much.

The best answer

The Old Shit Casper is genuine feierbar, "high middle finger" at times or the chronicle 1 & 2 hours. Since he was a rapper for me. Now he's just like Cro, Kay One etc. slipped into the mainstream, so I do not like him. His music is a matter of taste, well and good, but that should not be called a rap one. And it is I guess obvious that fans of "real rap" or old fans of him are against him, as the then but more so the category "12 year old Teen Girl Music" is.

Casper's just so nen "hipster rappers" iwi ... as Cro generally there are a lot of people who love hipster and what they hate .... totally popular but it is not correct rapper, there are just full of many little girls then find really great because they sometimes need something new (eg rap) but in reality just yet prefer pop. People I say listen ma "real rap" suggests something easy to ..... degrees so little girls say quite often when asked about their music .. "Yes so rap and stuff ..." I'm looking then ever since I've never found another girl the rap listen and then she says ... "casper" ... he's a great musician, no doubt, but many encourages it to that he has been so successful because it really not a particularly good rapper is (clearly his lyrics are one probably quite good, though a bit for my taste .... pseudo profound) his voice is not for everyone, similar to Justin Bieber, some say he had fully the beautiful voice ... .I war a headache ..... since opinions are simply apart, people who otherwise hear more pop music find him mostly great (there's even more so "profound" herzschmerzgesülze), people can often hear Rap thus probably mean little because he is simply absolutely no competition with other rappers .........

What advice you looking ?!

What exactly is your question now? Why some do not like him? Well as you say, it is a matter of taste. If you're on the Depeche Mode page, there are also those that offend DM. This happens the Great like the little ones. Nimm`s out.

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