What movie with his girlfriend?

What movie I'm good with my girlfriend watching the not too romantic?

The best answer

"I am Sam" is good! Will certainly like your girlfriend. Is not Romantic but sad. It is about a mentally handicapped who has a daughter, this is to be taken from him and he fights that this did not happen. Very moving and well geschauspielert!

But The Green Mile is fantastic! In "The Green Mile," the screen adaptation of the six-part serialized novel by Stephen King, is less about a plea against the death penalty, as the reminder that we all sooner or later have to play the last transition and can hopefully do so with dignity ,

Look but ne Action Romance how "Knight and Day" or "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

Otherwise, perhaps "Warm Bodies"?

Or "Friends With Benefits".

Hope you will find beautiful evening you even :)

affected makes this film - Omis from the dump

Saw is not romantic

necromancy :)

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