What music are you listening at the "chill"?

Wanted to know what you as listening to music at the "chill" times. We hear in our most Martin Jondo and Seeed (Waterpumpee and Psycho delicate Kingdom), as well as Bob Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem (quieter songs), generally quieter songs :)

The best answer

The double album "Yellow & Green" by the Baroness. Although Are also two faster songs on it, but is very chilling.

The band "Jamaram"!

I listen to me like at RNB :)

https: //soundcloud.com/djdinoo/lilly-wood-the-prick-and-robin-schulz-prayer-in-c ... something like that;)

The Dandy Warhols

only one of its many wonderful songs:

Pop and rnb (:

Genre: Tropical House



I like soul, folk rock and pop. Nothing either Mumford & Sons or Hozier.

Hardcore deathcore as the direction

Nickless & Milky Chance :)


Shimmy and chill step: D

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