What nationality gets the child after birth?

You Italian, lives since 1992 in Deutschschland but born in Italy, he is Dominican, lived in Germany for about 8 years and does not have a permanent residence, citizen gets the child after birth? and why it is examined by the District Office? Hilfeeeeeeee

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http: //www.auswaertiges-amt.de/DE/EinreiseUndAufenthalt/Staatsangehoerigkeitsrec ...

Provisions for foreigners living in Germany

Since 2000, acquire foreign children at birth in Germany German citizenship if a parent lawfully living for at least 8 years in Germany and has a permanent right of residence.

These children have to basically decide upon completion of 21 years between the German and the foreign nationality of the parents, the so-called option obligation. Which came into force on 20.12.2014 Second Act amending the Citizenship Act, the circle of Option requirement is limited, however, far-reaching.

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