What NVidia graphics card you can recommend no problems making?

I have now for some time problems with my Sapphire Toxic R9 280x. After seasons of about 1-2 hours I get graphics errors. Solely in Battlefield 4 coming this no longer exists since I have installed the new beta drivers.

Now I do not feel like me. After a few hours to fret I would like to test Nvidia after all these years times. The price should settle at 400 € :-)

If possible, the new no problem card should be like the 280x when I've read so much of the graphic mistakes.

My system is as follows:

  • Win 7 64 bit
  • FX 6300
  • 8GB Ram

The best answer

I recommend a GTX970, best of Gigabyte. If you want to put something on it, then I recommend you the G1 version. The has vs. more power. The normal GTX970.

Gtx 970 4g cost about 350 €. Only problems CAN spulenfipen be from 60 fps, but not necessarily.

Nvidia Gforce 970 GTX - Best value for money

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