What planets are visible in the sky as a star? (Our solar system)


I am concerned at the moment much with astronomy.

but I can not find the website I explained clearly to what constellation, eg, I think the Jupiter. I am now aware that this is probably a "wall champion star" is, as it always moves and thus do not always stand at the same can be found.

But where is telling me understand what I need to do in order to distinguish a planet in the sky of a star?

Gladly would I with naked eye look to heaven and say, "Look, the Jupiter."

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Astronomy is a very nice hobby / topic!

Jupiter is currently in the constellation Leo. Saturn can be seen in the morning in the scissors of the Scorpio - I hope to open sky.

If you care about a website, I can only www.heavens-above.com recommend. There you'll find everything about planets, comets, asteroids, satellites, etc.! Just look the side in peace times to.

Furthermore, you can you download Stellarium for free - this is a planetarium software for the home PC.

How can you tell them apart? Stars twinkle because of the heat exchange of the air layers - planets not sparkle ;-)

In this issue you'll find at least a partial answer:

https: //www./frage/welche-planeten-kann-man-mit-blossem-auge-erkenn ...

Basically saying that planet, since they move around the sun, not rigid remain at a point of the sky but also change their relative positions to the fixed stars and constellations over time. So you can make a general statement about where the constellation are the planets. But one can say that they are all to be found in the plane of the ecliptic. All the planets of the solar system, the sun and the moon around the sun more or less on a plane, called the ecliptic. The constellations of the ecliptic are the same that can be found also in the horoscope for the star sign of birth yes corresponds to the constellation in which the sun is located at the time of birth.

The current position of the planets you can easily ergooglen, even when they are best observed. If you are comfortable with reasonably constellations then you will eventually also seen when, in a constellation of a bright star is not really belong there. The chance is then well that it is the Jupiter, Saturn or Mars. The Venus (also evening or morning star called) is always observed only relatively shortly after sunrise or just before sunset.

The rings of Saturn and the biggest satellites of Jupiter are the way to realize even with good binoculars. Have fun watching!

https: //www./frage/gibt-es-ein-programm-eine-animation-mit-der-ich -...


Venus (Adendstern) Mars appears reddish in particular to see if he had seen from Earth is behind the sun. Jupiter largest planet also appears reddish. Mars is for example at 1 16 and 28 February clearly visible. Jupiter on 4th or 6th of February. rarely ma Mercury or Saturn best times Googling.,

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