what profession suits these criteria?

Hello, I'm just thinking, would fit what profession to me? Anyway, I do not want to study but get an education and the profession should nix his craft, but do not run 24/7 alone in the office, what's it for suitable professions for this?

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well if you want anything Craft work, do not want to study and not in the office work will not remain you really only the dirt work left ... if you're not looking something like businessman like I continue ...

Because yes here already matching careers in aerospace were called, I can recommend you take a look in the appropriate Overview throw. There you will find presented numerous matching occupations in detail:


Good luck in your job search! ;-)

What interests you, then? What are your talents? This is what counts, not the nature of the workplace.

Construction manager commanding construction worker and tell them what they have to do ^^ Not only in the office and craftsmanship doing also nix

Perhaps an apprenticeship?

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