What rights you have in school?

Can you simply go to the toilet wen but you have very much the teacher does not allow? Can the teacher to keep things up to the school year? Something I my

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I do not understand how here some upset .. This is a normal question asked ..

Do you forbidding any to use the toilet, even if it is in the class time. Sure, it looks like not a teacher when one in his class and is considered as at the station, especially if the pause is only just to end ...

he may limit, do not yet - no matter what is on the school rules. By not allowing him the consequences are aware and he is responsible if you anpinkelst you. No one may be compelled to keep his pee or something similar. The borders on assault and is this humiliating.

With the retention of the things .. Since there are differences .. In general, the property such as cell phones or other personal belongings must be returned at the end of the day at the latest.

As it stands with working materials such. B. exams or other qualifications, I'm not sure ... I know that our teachers have left for something seeeehr vieeeeel time ..

Greetings Jone

But the breaks are there to go to the bathroom. There is also the school rules, it orients everything. You could also a guidance counselor talking.

if you sags on toilet must give to him and he is there can hardly rest verbieten.den read everything in your school order

can go to the bathroom, the teacher you do not prohibit and not to drink in the classroom. Simply Policy is in NO there. Belongs to the basic human needs :)

During the break, you may go to the toilet during lessons without permission of instructor. beat Except you may teacher almost everything.

On toilet you must always go clear! And he gets to keep things more than 1 day.

If in your school rules as

Your Kids nowadays are funny. Calls permanently any rights ... keep yourselves simply follow the rules at school and is good.

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