What's pyroluria?

What's pyroluria and what it has to do with copper?

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a term as the Pyroluria means that you excretes pyrroles. A compound word with '-urie' end of the word always means that something is wrong with the 'Urine production'. Polyuria (poly-urie) means that you much excretes (poly = many), nocturia (nykt = night), that one night has to go to the bathroom, etc.

A pyrrole-urie is thus an elimination of pyrroles, which should not be. Pyrroles are ring compounds having a nitrogen-Artom IM ring. Our red blood pigment, hemoglobin consists of those pyrrole systems. If there is now a Stoffwechslestörung in the organism in which the Hämoglibin is not properly constructed / degraded increasingly fall on these pyrroles and are partially excreted in the urine. It is also called porphyria (a porphyry core is a system of 4 pyrroles, said central iron atom depends). These P's man has then in urine (simple test). Is such a thing since been proven to you in the urine (or blood)? There are several congenital forms; but thus sufferers also suffer from häuifgem vomiting and severe abdominal pain. I see here but fortunately not that you have something could.

With copper, it actually has nothing to do, except the already mentioned here links.

get well!


Copper is what happens in the stomach-intestinal tract by in the Thoxischen betziehung the disease. You should go to doctor befor it is too late and a detoxification start if you are suffering under. Since there can be a langfristigien kolateralschaden the time.

This is a metabolic disorder. But to what they have to do with copper, I can not tell you unfortunately.

Here you find the description of the disease: http://psylex.de/psychologiebuch/lexikon-psychologie/pyroluria.html

It is an inherited metabolic disease. With copper has but to my knowledge nothing to do.

http: //www.symptome.ch/vbboard/fibromyalgie/112503-fibromyalgie-koennte-pyroluri ...

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