What's so good about Attack on Titan?

Hello :) So I wanted to ask what you find so good Attack on Titan? I've watched him and he must say was ok but not as good as I thought: D (may also be that I expected too much and therefore find him not so good) so I wanted to ask what so anime you this so excited ? :)

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First, I would like to remark that I have written it all in this answer, what has occurred to me spontaneously. Thus, the answer could be a bit more difficult to understand, and possibly a bit choppy / stacked. If it is indeed so, I would like to like to apologize in advance.

Attack on Titan is true for me as a legend.

The story is damn deep, very well thought out and unique. So a story you wist nowhere to be found. The creativity I must also praise include the invention of the 3D Maneuver Gear to fight giant for the purpose.

I know the building as much voltage no other anime. Be it during the episodes, the questions which are established at the end of the episode or even the preview the next episode, which increases the voltage again. That you realize but of course only in this extreme if you have followed the anime, while he ran (April-October 2013).

The characters were developed damn interesting and profound. One can understand his every motive and how they act in extreme situations was also designed pretty well what I see rather less usually. Of course, here comes again the development of the characters, especially after they have encountered traumatic events, such as the fear automatic fear Eren, as the other soldiers found out that he could transform into a Titan.

The findings that establish the characters, and that trust in the other, have not always end positively. The "epic spells" provide the characters are unique and fit the situation perfectly.

Even as people are trying with their desperate situation to cope was again well thought out and, of course, as religion is represented. You can tell that the religion originated from the wishes of some people, and nothing brings on.

All the characters are different, but none superfluous. In addition, the comparison of vengeance and fear has also developed quite profound.

All the characters that you see die were created pretty emotional, but none of the death I saw as meaningless. In general, the whole atmosphere of the anime is unique and everything happens in other dimensions. I can not express different, but probably. understand some. One could imagine, for example a ball, where a horizontal circle (circumference of the ball) available, as well as a vertical. The vertical is greater the deeper the story is and the horizontal is greater the larger the scope of the events. Attack on Titan has created a gigantic ball for me.

What I also want to mention the questions that are to have occurred in the course of action and have not yet been released by the end of season 1, all point to an even more profound act that in Season 2, which in 2016 to appear, will occur. From what I heard / read, of those who have read the manga, will I'm right with my assumption.

Now we come to rest. The animation was edited quite realistic and epic and the drawing style shows new items that you have not seen it before (by the black lines on the faces of trauma / shock is shown even better.

The soundtracks were simply masterpieces. I liked every single one of them very happy. They fit perfect in my opinion to the scenes and verdeutlichten much more.

Unfortunately I do not know how old you are, but you should be at least 14 years old to really understand the anime. Namely, a big conversation, which is boring for one or the other or incomprehensible. But I know some who although well found the anime, but not very good, because they have put more emphasis on action and not on the discussion. Depending on personal taste is or preference, the impression of the anime changes drastically.

Another reason could be of course that you are interested in not usually for such acts. As can the Anime course not hyped. Not everyone likes at least this kind of anime, but in the case of the majority.

By the way, did you actually read the passages that occur 1 to 2 half of the episodes, seen? There you will namely find some more information, which is not yet occurred, and of course on new issues (including the two-part story, where a man tried under the Wall Maria to dig, but suddenly disappeared there, and the other man after him sought).

Attack on titan is good. Very good. Aside from the graphics, the story is something else. Very well done and this anime looks not only, you feel it. If you have seen him in German I could well imagine why you find it just OK. Apart from any yes like something else. Vllt you like yes psycho pass or so more. Idk idc

The story is mega, the characters differently and manga, the character style has increasingly improved * - * ︝ Levi ︝

So it's really great. First, the story is something different and the individual characters have so much personality. And this anime one must not only look ... you have to sympathize and empathize. I found him easy ... so how can I say ... I'm really speechless when it comes to Attack on Titan. Man really have time to think about when you look the anime.

In this anime can, I think, in interpret some things.

(And it should be him behold in Japanese)

But this is all a matter of taste x3

Naja is a matter of taste :)

It's easy tollllll !!!!

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