What's with this sh **** thing going on?!?! Xperia z2

Hi people, I'm just extremely aggressive because my fucking Xperia z2 (there have now have four days or so) easy garnix therefore does nothing goes right, I count out: since the beginning, it simply starts every now and again whether I grade listen to music and got the part in the sack or what I know it starts groundless new morning even two times in a row which is something ?? when I'm in play goals and no matter what do I really war despite h + connection always ne message timed matter what I do, I'll come garnicht clear the settings, where you can go to its software update watch so not what software you have currently but where you downloaded a new but it must be in the settings what about this: o ?! Then annoys me the keyboard extremely I prescribe myself constantly, must improve continuously everything ... I read too fast or what ?! Now I do not fall grade all the other things a me all extremely nervous but that's not normal so maybe someone knows a little or much idea has what is all thank you for everything I useful'm really aggressive you can still expect the in so nem mobile everything is fine if you pay a lot of money or ned what should I do I have it on Amazon ordered thinking is warranty on it, if this is important .. Beautiful evening ^^

The best answer

I have a Z1 and may your trouble understand not genuine.

The system updates, check the APP "System Update".

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