What's wrong with Whatsapp Plus Reborn? I have normal chatting and then suddenly came the message that there was an identification problem. Then came the?

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I had the same problem. However, I had a few weeks Whatsfapp draufgeladen so I can chat with two numbers. On whatsfapp but I had not yet entered a second number thus this version was new. So uninstalled WhatsApp Plus and indicated on WhatsFAPP my normal number. And this works again. I had to stop only once again all the settings machen.Gruß CommandoALF

Whatsapp Plus has been banned. WhatsApp calls up there, downloading the original version.

Is with me as well .. I guess that as the previous WhatsApp plus has been banned: / ład you prefer times the normal WhatsApp down ..

Maybe you had your date changed if so alternate it again richig a then it would go when it is not so then I have no idea

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