What school graduation you need for dog trainers dog Whisperer

I want to be hundeflüsterin and wanted to ask what statements you need it

The best answer

Statements you do not need, but in Germany at least a recognized certification.

Dog trainer, there are depending on your location not just a few. To keep you in the long term should therefore have a presentable final and even if "just" an education preferably in the animal area as keepers.

What options are otherwise still so everything is, I have summarized here recently:

http: //www.tierverstand.com/infoecke/wissenswertes/hunde/209-wie-wird-man-hundet ...

These are not officially recognized vocations. Therefore you need it is not even a high school.

You do not need special school-secondary school is sufficient

anyone can do tramps without school graduation, what can you need is and success

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