What should I call it, when and where?

Hey, I've got me for a long time verschaut in a girl. I see well almost every morning and after school on the bus. I thought that either they in Facebook times local clearance or I a bit rede.Ich had been with in the same kindergarten class and share in an elementary school and have long no contact with her times with her and he disembarking holding tele and with her. My mother even knows some of their Famillie. So as I said would sometimes perhaps with her bit trying to talk you will have to meet. Maybe you have yet to do would be happy about tips. :)

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Fang best time to greet on when you step on the bus or they look flat. If you do ensteht on facebook anschreibst often an unpleasant situation when you meet you in real life, there are a shy than they other. If you really want to talk then got the eggs and go after a few days when you said hello to her back, first you have to explain to her that you've noticed (-> Gruss) and eventually you strolling loose without ulterior motives back and ask how she is doing and that their long lost contact you had. If you see them every day at the bus stop you can even every day to talk to her: D Pull yourself together easily, more than a NO (which is very unlikely if you do ansprichst simply) can not su cash. Good luck: D

Hei du: D So maybe you speak it times out on whether their nich times were together in kindergarten. And when did you then have a little talk nice it comes au nich funny over if you then say the bus "Hey".

But times ne other question as I understand you know them not a bit and had have if dasnn in kindergarten to do with her time. So you want nnur what of her because she looks just good or do you know it somewhere. I mean has it ever a sense if you wish because it looks just what her horny? Afterwards she is totally arogant and the largest bit * h (was nich meant evil but yes aknn be :() I'd me and your dear ask someone whom you know and looking sympathetic find. But I kanns my hurt nich to make new Bekantschaften . I'd me only nich make all too much hope. I mean only that they think no girl in jeamnd love she occasionally sees in the bus when it looks like Justin Bieber nich.

PS comes little weird over When you get on one of their stop, after her're running and they ansprichst ^^

Oh I'm sorry for the couple expression error.

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