What should I do? 14 never a young kissing!

Heii :) I am 14 years old and have never kissed a boy ... I have a friend but if I stand over him, I dare not easy ... What do I do? I'd love to kiss him

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Take your time and do not sit under pressure :) Just wait for it to happen. Maybe he does indeed take the first step.

You say you have a boyfriend? Then it simply kiss. He is not to ward 100%. Let sit down by anyone under pressure, whether with 8, 14 or 22, it does not matter when you kiss someone. Be you by yourself and let you convince anyone of what.

Do not stress tell him simply that you do not even dare and he will if he loves you time give my girlfriend is also similar to how you and I have given her time and even now she kisses like.

LG :)

Just try! If the atmosphere is right .....

it's not that bad. one need not even with 14 also. Wait until you're ready for it ;-)

A global Katastrophe.Also if you had not kiss at 10, it's all over ... At 14 you have nowadays children, man!

So all you ehrlich..Was today for problems hat.Sei easy open, let zu.Es will not happen bad, it's great.

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