What should I do after such a number?!?! Cb

Hi I really do not know anymore whether they exploited me etc. I ask for help so my girlfriend so we are friends and so she lives so about 45 minutes away from me by bus or train, and yes we met last on 22 January and whenever I ask them when we meet again says that no idea or says verge off as we arranged for example 1 week (Thursday) and again she said that she has a cough and can not! And deshslb she canceled again! And then I asked them again today and she said yes do not have broken my father must ask if you are allowed to me then I said ok and then she remade Ne excuse, saying my father's not answering his phone. I also told her if she no mood to me has they should tell me and everything I said she meant so jaa Ne I could not do this and that. This encourages a totally on me you run always behind her and she also asks never how to do it or anything to me what should I do ?! What would you do to so ner number? Do you think she has no mood to me? But she'm not even told me 14 years and we gave exactly today posted 1 week ago and it took me not even 1 times written last I wrote her PS: have claims for whatsapp thus the wrong snake should feel addressed her?

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Because your PS: False Friends Proverbs - The best sayings

look nevertheless there after time ....

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