what should I do because class teacher

So, I feel that my teacher hates me, whatever I do for example, virtually all in the class to be late to class and I came too late with my girlfriend on it, he said that it often happens with us and he the halt sch ***** place or my girlfriend and I have laughed at us in the classroom afterwards, he said if the does not stop immediately he carries us into a testimony .We've already talked about it with our former teacher us she thinks we sollenmit talk to him before we hahaben but frankly a bad feeling that he is mad or it goes wrong because with him you can not talk so properly we tried aberdie mMeinung he haz against can say nothing, especially we mmüssen with our former teacher talk like he does not learn in it otherwise it is acidic and well a joke even once made in class when we were not there, he said if we were again stool with her and we were not even in the class , ... Well I hope you can help me iwie


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I think you see that all wrong. Try to put yourself in the position of teacher.

See also the apt response of Felixlingelbach.

Your teacher does not hate you certainly. He is most annoyed by the disturbances that come (rightly) by your tardiness to pass. Even laughter is a failure. Its task is to ensure peace. This has nothing to do with sympathy.

I can not seriously imagine that the other students are not admonished.

The threat of a witness Vermerkes I find appropriate.

If you feel comfortable yet treated badly or unfairly, then talk to the teacher. I'm sure that you get an explanation and feedback for their own behavior.

The joke was next to something, but aims daruf from that it also could clear even the stuff because it you're old enough.

Improves your behavior. Who demands respect, care should also behave decently.

How to behave properly in a school? Students who miss the first 5 minutes, do not know what it is about an hour. You could actually stay out. Or they have to ask their classmates in the classroom, what's going on, what also bothers again. So what should he do? take off shoes, put up your feet and simply wait until all are eingetrudelt? Not let? Or just ignore the latecomers and strictly prohibit any demands and a 5 app for employees? Just every time someone new comes to start all over again?

No, all nonsense, though I already have everything done, put your feet included. The teacher must not let it pass the. The threat of a notice in the witness is fully justified. The 5 for the hour it would be.

'The other' is no excuse. For this is also true.


With most teachers can speak (yes there are exceptions). Attempts to talk in peace times with the teacher. Always try to be on time to class, etc.

Yes you can also compose up to four of your parents and the teacher. I think then would have a normal conversation possible.

Otherwise, contact your guidance counselor. They are also responsible for school problems and perhaps can give you some advice.

LG Jasmin

Maybe you can talk to your parents? Or with a guidance counselor?

Exchange 'best in the parallel class.

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