What should I do? Buddy love with me? I in him ?!

Hello. So I since NEM month or so a buddy. I met him through my best friend. The problem is that this dude live just like my best friend very far away. So as 8 hours by car. I find it really great and also like him very much. I have a feeling that he likes me more than just a friend. Now sounds maybe weird because we have never seen us but we write every day from morning to night together (really all day!). He has the same interests as I was about and can listen as well and he's just mega dear and sweet. He asks me often if I now had a boyfriend since. Then I ask him back if he has a girlfriend and every time we are both still single xD. We talked about it already, both that we were both too shy to tell someone that we love someone. Well I would just like to know what to do now. So what do you think how much he likes me? And as I like him? And what shall I do? LG

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Well I you find have to know yourself what you feel for him, if you do not has what you him feel can you do little, I think, but if you have some interest in him, I'd him say repays, it's just always better to talk about his feelings and to have clarity, even if it's not always so easy for haha, that is with the 8 hours already bad but if you think that you are 'suitable for' 'far-relationships' then you can try it ja , then to see always the weekend for example :)

Well I'm not a fan of pure whatsapp acquaintances clear because you can find other good but you've never seen him in real ... writing may at any yet as that really is can be characterized not figure out ... You have of course for you decide how much you like him but what kind of a basis for a relationship ?! Let it first be and wait can see you know better and with time you will then

That sounds like in the series 'catfish'. :)

You are so cute! You should try it, though a long distance relationship is not everything but what makes art possible? :)

Ye shall necessarily meet :)

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