What should I do (friend relationship?

Hey people!
I have a problem and although I am with my friend for two months. We had initially quite difficult because of my past. Aufjedenfall we the whole summer vacation not seen because we were both on vacation. I got it also totally miss and so what is indeed normal. Now, since this self doubt. Tomorrow school starts again and since we are the first time again, but I fear it anyway to see again. I have a feeling that became my hand less the emotions. I do not want him to see tomorrow ... I do not know what to do? We have us gifts purchased and so ... do What should I? Is it simply as a phase at the moment? Also because of my past? I'm just really desperate .... I hope you can help me ... Thanks in advance :)

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Just waiting on tomorrow. If you look long looks not suppress one's feelings usually unintentionally but if you see him, it may be that you then suddenly totally rejoice; and all the feelings you come back up. Look how you feel when you see him again, and you're talking about :)

You're only together two months and which you have not seen you for 6 weeks. That's a pity. Normally you after 2 months still this "fallen in love" feeling. Perhaps you feel especially so, just because you have so long time no see you. Go down first completely open mind the whole ran. Look what happens when you see you tomorrow. Perhaps the butterflies come from all alone again.

If not you should you be clear about whether you want to ever lead yet this relationship and talk to your friend.

Hey MissiMe,

to two months have no long time for a relationship .. to answer your question you have you first be clear how much he means to you. Did you miss him? Have you thought of him? If you're not sure of your feelings, it is stupid .. the worst would be that he makes hopes and you do not do the same for him feel about. Especially when the relationship started already so complicated - it's worth it? Was your past so bad that it actually still affects your everyday life?

As you can see it's difficult and you have the whole thing for you by considering before you act. As a tip: just talk time with him. What is past can no longer be undone. You have to know if it's worth the whole thing to scratch the old wounds again or not.

Now if you should separate them you, but it would also be stupid, because you are still in the same school and you would therefore constantly encounter.

To put it in a nutshell: decide for yourself whether you want the relationship yes or no. If so and you really want it, then talk to him alone about earlier and you will find a solution. If not, then talk to him alone about your feelings - because there is nothing worse than someone to love and to experience after a long time that the person does not feel the same!

Good luck, JellyBelly22

Hei :) look here you have it jetz the whole holiday not seen ... This can already be that you think that your feelings are not as strong as in the beginning ... But since you him tomorrow then see it can be good the your feelings are again refreshed and you then return as great find as it was before .... Do not worry, that's normal :)

Have you no whatsapp or so to stay in touch? Oo I understand fine ask net sry

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