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So, now I have to ask this question to talk at last. I have 6 years ago (I was 13) a guy met (he was then 14, here type A) It was love at first sight - on both sides. We met often, really had a great time. There never was a relationship, why I can not say. I had a relationship in the meantime. Even while this was never my type from the header. I always had the desire to see him. For this and other reasons, we ended the relationship a year ago. Since I am single, I have type A hit several times - each time it was again incredible. Penultimate weekend we were together out with his best friend. And he came with me - and it was done, we had our first time together. I was very afraid that's all over now. Last week Type A reported continuously, we wrote the whole week. He tells me I am indescribably &&& Well, the weekend everything went wrong with him and we really saw us very briefly to say hello (the week he's in the army in another city). Well, and now I hear very little. I know him and his 'writeback capabilities' now - he writes himself immediately to his best friend back.

Well, so far everything explained. Now my question - I'm really desperate. What should I do? Continue fighting? Give up? My problem, I have in the last year trying to forget him repeatedly. Number & Chat deleted. He logs in each time. His Bester told me yesterday that he had extremely enjoyed the evening with me - so no matter I can not well be him. I really do not know anymore. I can not forget the guy - although it might be the best.

Sorry for the huge text .. What do you think?

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So just because the last weekend did not go as planned, there's no reason to start with, which ye have made the same tick again.

If he also writes his Kumels only delayed or answers, that's a proof that he simply is a bit slower in the area.

Just for the next possible weekend what to make out experiments with him - alone and just talk times openly with him about your feelings.

If he takes your uncertainty seriously and tried to take it - he has serious concerns.

If he just says yes yes as soon as possible to end up back in bed with you, I would not vote and reconsider the matter seriously.

Good luck


I could well imagine that it might help you if you could even scrutinize in more detail what exactly do you find so attractive about him, just to gain more clarity on this whole thing. to describe Just try as closely as possible (here, about FA or for you alone) You have so long for what you so attracts, according to what ......

And why should not run so spontaneous and loose it as it runs apparently. Is it you are not strong enough? Why would it be best if you could forget him?

Of course you want now with Him once spend much time but as you mentioned, he works in the army! Depending on what job he has there, it can sometimes determined not restore you even days. Such a job requires strict discipline. I would not now throw everything easy. Ask him but if something is wrong or why he did not write back. Of course, you should write it so that he does not think that you or annoys you heeled.

And when he writes also delayed his best friend, it is not definitely up to you.

I think in this case you should not it really give up, because it do you clearly still very like as always it can halt actually not as fast answers but eventually comes back ^^ I also know what kind of a feeling is not about someone get over it, so I'd stay tuned and take advantage of every occasion: D Good luck;))

Question Type A, what he thinks about a firm partnership. Will he just rattle, then rattling halt.

But you do not depend. Even the most ingenious S ex faded sometime. And type A should not deter you, that you'll fall in love with you.

And rattles always nice with a condom.

But really awesome. In the early age, I do not know anyone who was a peer. Would be interested to know how it came about. Because I would have never outed as a gay student.

He's your first love. Listen to your heart, if you still love him.

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