What should I do? Or how to address?

Hey I'm new here. So I fell into a mädel from my class I sit next to her but how shall I address it, or what should I do it myself wahrnimt even as they perceive it? Thank you already times for the answers (sorry for my spelling .... I know it's not the best)

The best answer

Just chat up. This is so simple and yet so hard, I know. But if you overcome this hurdle then you did it


kommm with your frequently this week! So she deals with you. And at some point, if you are you come a little closer, you could they also sometimes ask to spend time outside school with you.


My advice:

Since it anyway in the classroom next to you seat should not be so hard to start a conversation about the subject, according to the statement you say just once: "Uh, my bus comes right if you still ask you call me" oh well if they still has not your number, so komste best off: P

(Success 60% -80% depending on how good you are in the trade)

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