What should I do to get a dog?

I (13) would like to have a dog, my mother and I live alone in a big house with a garden, because my father died a few years ago ist.Meine mother wants a reason and we have everything we need except ... time ... my mother does not want the dog the morning when she is working and I'm at school alone ist.2 my girlfriends do that as well as with the leave alone and I would like to persuade my mother. .. What should I use for arguments and how should I do it best?

Thanks in advance

Lady Starlight

The best answer

Oh no, you know, it probably does not remain in his own morning. You then're dating girlfriends go otherwise times somewhere, .... your mum must well and already look her who let the dog out. (And by the way: "2 my girlfriends do that as well" is not an argument, it may still be wrong)

And even if you do not want to hear: Who gets up earlier and earlier to let him out? This takes you to always motivated before, but when it then times few weeks like this, then no one has more desire it. Especially when it rains and snows and and and ...

You have to think about how you do that with the holidays, ...

And then a very important point: In a few years you're done with school. Then maybe you pull out and one of you has the dog alone on the cheek, do you think that goes in time ?!

I do not want to talk anything bad, but an animal is just not always just fun.

Hello Lady Starlight 01

You could have everything a dog could do .But now comes the most important .Deine mother is perfectly right .Your have for the animal no time, that's the ultimate. .You Can not compare with your girlfriends who need their animals alone can even offer you animal care and time to settle in .always to all weathers and at all times .Deine mother wants easy for the animal the best and is probably present in the hand with the dog decide 'Perhaps waiting them even from your maturity until it is safe - and so to say .Gib you and their time and of course the animals.


2 of my friends do it as well as with the leave alone and I would like to persuade my mother

why do you want to emulate the irrationality of other people?

A dog should not be more than several hours. Away alone, because dogs are pack animals and therefore also need a lot of company and conversation you.

Also, remember that your interests, obligations and friends will change in the next few years, so that you no interest, no time and no desire for the dog who will!

I think a dog manages to be six hours alone. Otherwise I think no longer. When I wanted to have a dog at that time my mother was right about it. I have her sweet dog pictures and displays of dogs that were to give away or to buy low, then demonstrated it has geklappt.Sag that you feel lonely and like a dog had xD


school and a training or study to complete, have a job and earn your own money.

Then you can make your own dog get, always assuming, of course, you can do it you then afford even a dog and can also be with your life circumstances agree!

:-) AstridDerPu

you have a very sensible mother! when you see now, you have too little time for a dog - you should abstain from animal love on your own dog.

perhaps you are applying both as gassigeher the animal shelter?

I can understand that you like a dog who'd like, but your mother was right .. a dog can indeed 2-3 hours stay alone, but I would not leave her alone 6-7 hours, never. We have three dogs, but papa has its own company, where he, when he has to work even longer the dog and can not at home, can take .. your mother realizes that you do not have enough time .. and you're 13 , and a dog, depending on size and breed sometimes 16 years old .. you will study (?) and all that, your mother goes to work, and thus not bleibts in the few hours mid morning. please a check that a dog love much and vieeel time needs .. are all great animals, and without my 3 I could not .. but please, and persuade is always bad, weeeil a dog / a cat / blah not only an "acquisition" is but one with you 3. family member ..

Your mother is right. Look at you times to whether a neighbor has lust to take the morning the dog.

but a dog wants more than 3 times a day out. and you are not ever in school.

Instead of a private dog walks but along to the shelter, where it leads dogs. Did I also made up I own got my.

Not at all, your mother does not want a dog. And why do you want a dog, a dog is about 15 years old, then you're 28 and have him for so long in the leg. How do you imagine that before, if you later times studierung and have to work?

Ok, I can understand that you like to have a dog and keep want.

How are your two friends, you may not be interested in so great - it is clear: it is not good to buy a dog if before the acquisition is already certain that the dog all morning must spend alone regularly.

... And it will not remain only in the mornings - your school hours are longer, you'll also other leisure activities have to try as you only deal with the dog. And your mother will have to carry dates and can not be there for the dog constantly.

If you and your mother so much want to be with dogs, then get in touch but in a shelter near you as Gassi-goers. Many cute dog snouts will thank you.

You do not have time for a dog but want still a, the behavior but already it absulut really is you have no dog!

You'll take care of him and every'll perform tomorrow walkies.

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