What should I do to get them?

hey, so I'm 16 years (male) and know a girl since about 7-8 years, since we were neighbors and have previously done a lot together. but now it's been 1 1/2 years undressed and we have no more contact but she now also lives net so far but only a city neber my .I she had previously been well liked but stop just as a girlfriend because I believe I also was too young. she also liked me and maybe even more than as a friend. now I just know net what to do, because I have noticed since the longer I love them incredible. When I think about you every day they want and only they and no other girl and if I see pictures of her is full of heartwarming me. I just simply afraid that they do not love one and then I have lost my love. In addition, it is 1 year older than me, so I also think that it is even more difficult. what should I do ?

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USER the http://www.shopaman.de/blog/insider/wie-bekommen-ich-eine-freundin I hope you both come together

Hey write you nevertheless simply times ... maybe you'm coming from this week :) or question it nevertheless simply times whether they would be interested in something with you to unternehmen..aber that would definitely be a start

Good luck:)

do you have their number if yes you read and take to get back on contact if not then try her number and tell her that you could not forget them and love them and so

Next dream of your city. You've fallen in love with the picture that you took from her. Not the past regret. Given you're 50 years too young.

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