What should I do when I come too early?

So I have the problem that I really am very very early. Even if my friend the condom Blasts, it is already too late. So I must say that I have not done much sexual experience. Can it be that wraps my problem with the experience? Or what should I do?

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You're just very very sensitive and that's a good thing, because over time, the less likely and eventually you'll wish the sensitivity back;)

But in your current air situation you can just briefly stop the movement when you realize that you get the same. DAs you can also during self-satisfying practice well ...

Onanier and Zöger it so far out as it gets here, I'd say you increase your stamina in bed: P

When you come in the first round too early, but sets a second round. Then goes not so fast

First this, then you can at something boring or Abtörnendes think shortly, which also helps and finally you also have the possibility, you masturbate before, then you can longer guaranteed.

That is with time. This is certainly something new for YOU.

Create 4-5 hours before even hand, then you can significantly longer: D

Experience, you're just still "virgin" and drive directly onto everything: D

masturbier before a round or have previously a little oral sex and at the 2nd right round you should no longer come directly :)

also during sex to guess what else usually helps ^^

the rest comes with the experience :)

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