What should I wish me for my confirmation? In June

I'll conformed in June and was often asked what I want. My mom says I should like to have some that even in 20 years "date" or "in". A clock I've already but otherwise I do not know anything ... I'm grateful for any answer :)

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The advice has probably passed you your mama something reckless. You will have himself also heard him. It used to be actually some things 20 years had longer, a still camera, a wallet, a pen, an encyclopedia all formerly dishes, linens, sewing machine etc. pp. Today this makes for very little things make sense. Ask them even if you yourselves dream up something right away. Even the passbook does currently not make sense because the money is there from year to year less.

How about a good Kamera.Damit you can always moments in your life and hold the camera you can certainly also in 20 gebrauchen.Außerdem you can equal to your confirmation photos make the beautiful day forever forget literally keep: )

I hope I could help you and I wish you a wonderful confirmation. LG Clary

Personally, I would take money. At the Konfermation you get plenty and if you do not spend you can have in 20 years of a purchase date ^^ You never know maybe want you also necessarily in 3 years, what your parents and it will not buy you, then you have money through your Confer: D

Wish you money. The driver's license is no longer sooo far away. Den you a lifetime if you build no crap.

Money. Can you ever really use ..

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