What should you do when you have no more time for hobbies?

I have virtually no more free time, and virtually no time very burdened psychologically more for hobbies of any kind which mic for my job, I often feel like whacked, even too depressed .. I have in my new job I performers for 2 years, shiftwork often call and the few days off I verpenne mostly complete. What advice would you give me to improve my situation?

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Shift work is always a burden and not everyone is suitable. As the design for the call, how can we reach you? If you have no cell phone and stay close to your home phone have, that would not be so great. Evidently you are suffering under the conditions, and therefore you can ask me, if the money is worth it, that you can no longer enjoy your life outside of work. In your place I would open my employer appeal it, and ask if the can see a solution for you and possibly use elsewhere or seek out parallel another job, even if it brings financial losses with them. You should work, so you can live and currently you live to work. Your personal happiness for you should come first and if it continues like this, then you get really problems and going so ill that nothing works.

I'm not surprised that you're burdened psychologically depressed and feel, because if you do not have time for recreation and hobbies as compensation, have no energy. That sounds as if you go by car only on reserve in the tank and no gas station in sight, the best condition for a burnout. Can you talk in job change, if not, then you have to find a new job. All the best for a change.

Hmmm ... remarkable: http: //www./frage/internet-surfen-am-arbeitsplatz--ist-das-rechtlic ...

our boss allows the workers during working hours to spend hours surfing the Internet, watching music videos.

Why are you complaining? Your hobby is music and there you can always hang here at omit right, even during your working hours, if I have understood correctly.

Comment by Torrnado, 05.10.2014: we all know that our boss diesbzgl. also of his top boss has permission (because our job is never stressful, quite the opposite !!!)

Too strenuous seems your job not to be, if you can surf the Internet during working hours to suit your mood!

So chill your life!

Shift work is a challenge, that's clear. You get used to not or. If not, you should look for another job. In the call, I wonder how you use this time?

divided time better, that life is just "Einteiling"

Your hobbies have to adapt your profession

GF is but also a hobby where you can help other people

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