What should you look for if you want vegan shopping?

Hello in what respect the vegan everything?

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Hello! The correct answer you have already of Honta. Nourish yourself complex then that is also healthy. annually 1450 tons of antibiotics for 800 million In the German animal husbandry. Euro implemented (Quote Reinhild Benning, Head of Agricultural Policy at the Bund). Where, at the way then as well in our bodies as may pesticides in feed.

Anyway, I'm omnivores.

Happy and respect ..

If you want to live vegan, you need to make sure that you absorb enough zinc, iron, vitamin B 12, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acid, various amino acids. you should at least 1x per year llassen make a complete blood count to check whether you anything missing important ...

Therefore my tip is: do not be too consistent vegan, 80% it does. It is quite good, more vegetables and so to eat but do not pinched it and above all: go your hosts (parents, friends) not with your special requests on my nerves !!!!

Of course you have to pay so food: neither fish nor fowl, dairy products, honey is controversial depending on the setting, there are sometimes gummy animal gelatin, etc.

Other: pig bristles brush, leather clothes and more

Hello, you need to allerst times be careful not to put pressure on that helps namely anyone ... no matter how motivation, which is very commendable, none is served, if one wants to finish making and do everything at once good and right. .. in a society that is still largely go live thoughtlessly and uncritically, it is difficult to go vegan because so-called in all possible and impossible. "food" all possible animal the substances are hineingepanscht, just to let the Tierleidlobbies make great cash. .. you do not believe what may be where it - everything brings coal ... My advice: catch slowly, button up front, start with fruits and vegetables organically grown without artificial fertilizers or animal health feces and pesticides ... Mach much itself, for. example, spreads, buying cereals in natural foods stores, it grind themselves and put bread and Frischkornbreie ago. Replace eg milk with vegetable drinks -. You will not believe how simple and easy it is, once you've got left the familiar world behind you - and how much fun it is to try and know completely new real food ... Read it here the previous questions and answers about Vegan - there you'll find countless tips, pages and links for getting to recipes, books and so on ... :) I found it incredible liberation and salvation to get out of the cycle of suffering , torture and exploitation, and even if it often still hurts, it's worth - for everyone involved ... What else would erwähnenstwert: never let yourself be put off and unsettle from people who have not yet understood or do not want the wind rotates ... Happy on your way! :)

Greeting, Elsie

The buy "vegan" food

No meat, no animal products, read very carefully

Especially well that the products are vegan, meaning that no animal ingredients are used.

Vegan is right "unhealthy". Dairy products are totally healthy and the body needs them. 1-3 times a week meat does not hurt. So you überleg well if you ever want to live so, because for me this is total nonsense.

it that the fruit and vegetables were grown either with animal manure nor pesticides.

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