What still remains to me the money?

Hello first, I'm now almost 16 Years Old / young and zusteure for professional life, I ask myself again and again the question what is left at an annual salary of around € 40,000 after the deduction of taxes, food and a car. In addition, I would like to know what would be left if I would inherit even a house, since there is again water, electricity, sewage, etc. which will be paid - or to be more paid. :)

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what remains after the deduction of taxes, food and a car with an annual salary of around € 40,000.

So for tax and social security, there are plenty of computers on the Internet that you can try to get here a thoroughly tolerable value out.

Food and car are very invididuell and difficult to generalize.

In addition, I would like to know what would be left if I would inherit even a house

This you should rent, then the tenant pays the associated costs (those that are apportioned). If the house is not yet abfinanziert, also carries through the rent repayment and interest are tax deductible as a business expense.

40000 per year for 16? Had I also like to stay approx 24-27 Remaining.

Of food about 250 € per month.

Depending on the car about 100 plus fuel charges according driven KM which are again 100-300 € per month

And the other is also not exactly cheap if you still owns a home way

You should first of all work out how much you net a year, ie net of tax, taxes, etc., then all the costs of the apartment and then what you need to live. The car I would sometimes sit further down the list. If you live in Germany, I give you the tip either get married and have many children or emigrate.

Geb your tax bracket, residence etc. in a net salary calculator and looking after. Then you pull it your expenses (de we do not know) now and already you see it ... now is not heavier than 15 to find a job with 40K annual income

Water, electricity and sewage you also have to pay for a rental apartment, but with the property you have no rent. And what's left over after deduction you can on the basis of a gross-net calculator calculate itself.

You'll be a millionaire

or at one of charitable people

borrowed Hungertuch gnaw --- it comes as it comes ...

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