What talk 16- year-old boys like?

So, I never know what I can talk to my brother. I never told him what to say. It's always so quiet between us. So I wonder what could I talk to him? So what topics. Although I am only the little sister of him and have not determined the same interests as he. But I just want to talk to him often. So what can I do?

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It develops and it happens that you have a rest period, most talk about leisure, and vlt. give tips on how to behave with girls, it could also be that he is in love! All the best

I have very often made. Actually, this is also clear but if I know nothing about football, for instance?

Give him the feeling that you need him and that he can do something for you. Since he is your BIG brother he has (hopefully) an art beschützerinstink towards you. Believe me, I red from experience myself am the big brother :)

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