What to do against very strong menstrual period? (Help)

Every month I have such a strong menstrual period that I have to use two briefs and kitchen towels (napkins too thin even always night!). It's really to despair, because it looks especially stupid (like big diaper) and I'm on the pill already !!!! Pain I hardly (only on day 1).

Please help me.

LG Lina

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Hello Lina ,

Then use times OB Extra! Additionally still pantiliners or thin napkins use!

You should also with your gynecologist clarify why your periods disproportionately fails! There is a reason and should definitely be investigated!

Perhaps you will help another pill? Discuss the please with your gynecologist!

GLG, good luck and have a nice weekend, you wishes clip mouse :-))

And how it looks with tampons? The help usually very good! Otherwise, you should, when it's over, time to go to the Gyn - something else not at all going in the long term and you lose, too much liquid!

Raspberry leaves boiled as tea, 2 times a day, to help. If the period from the beginning is strong, begin quietly been the 2nd or 3rd day evening. Alternatively, there is the pollen from willow. but I also recommend going to the doctor or therapist, best Traditional Chinese Medicine. So strong bleeding is a sign of stagnation. Now I want nothing wrong say'm not sure what ...

If you consume more than 6 or 7 binding on the day, you ought to the gynecologist.

there are so adult diapers .... otherwise you have to change every 30 minutes, the binder content

Although I am not a woman but vitamin E good helping hand!

Kitchen towels? Where are stoppfst the go? Whether extra and still bind

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