What to do? Health insurance does not pay plastic surgery

Hi first. To explain my question a little bit, I would tell you a little something.

I am young 18 years of age and have been a wonderful child to the world about a year ago. 1 By pregnancy my body has a lot gotten since I had a really big belly. You really thought I twins in my stomach did. : D Well, by this waist has gotten a lot of my stomach. I have diverse stretch marks, which really does not look nice. Then there is the further that I had a lot of milk and "lost" during pregnancy milk have. After the birth, I've me to decide not to breastfeed, because my little darling had no strong and called I got a abstilltablette. So I have raised with the bottle. Now see my breasts even more beautiful. You really hang down like 2 hoses. They look empty and skin depends. After pregnancy I have, alternately by the hormone, get a very nasty rash (who has been itching really bad), who went from my stomach up to my knees. Of course, I'm so to the dermatologist and has ointment prescribed me a cortisone. then meant not apply to skin tears, but that there was this rash. Thus, the skin cracks were only getting worse and I've gotten it right. I tried a "financing" by the insurance company to get, but do not pay. I do not come from a family which particularly have a lot of money. It is just enough to get through the round. I suffer, I really suffer. I can not even show naked in front of my husband myself. I just feel ashamed for it. If I sleep with him, I insist to be allowed to start my shell. I would like to feel good again and that is why I am speaking to this forum. Maybe someone can give me some advice, what can I do ..

This is the essential. Thank you ever advance. :)

The best answer

There is health insurance, not beauty checkout. Only if you characterized physical health of wear such as open skin under the folds of skin that become inflamed again, you could be successful at the expense of acquisition. A psychological burden will bring you only a guarantee of payment of psychotherapy.

That's a good thing, because otherwise the funds would soon be blank or the contribution would rise excessively. Each / r of us has his flaws, with whom you have to live. Perfect beauty is not affordable with our Solidarsysthem. The funds for this come so exclusively from the contributions of all, and should be used for medical matters.

I have seen in TV, that a woman with similar problems as you, could be drawn up by a psychiatrist an opinion, it clearly demonstrate that you very suffers its problems. In order to be a lawyer, and this has been established in court that the cashier had to take over the operation. That's a long way, but you're still young. Do not let yourself make Pop groups and pursue your goal.

You do not need Op, but have to work on your self-confidence. I think it is right that the fund does not pay.

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