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So people my girlfriend went to the hospital because she had a headache who noted that she has a brain tumor. My question is how can it happen? What can you tuhen it? As you realize that?

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with chemo and irradiation therapy is this well to handle the to Nahr turmor on hirnbums then I'm sorry but she has not then much time you yourself noted something bad as that may be signs differently can vilt see bad has zukungen talking bad has signs of a stroke or the like of the tumor should be able to sit on äuseren rand to him even gone operate but it may be that the cancer has already spread fastest are Hinr and lung afflicted her wish a good improvement from me and happy

I'm sorry for your friend u. For you. You seem desperate and rightly so. But, to your questions no one can give an answer you. The only one you a little something which can explained ears, is the attending Artzt. Packages can not say so. But much love u. Zährtlichkeit has already worked wonders

I wish you and your girlfriend very, very much strength

Frankly I do not prophesy .... But ask but your girlfriend because she was the specifically determined at the hospital (or doctor) ... And if it was a determined knowledgeable about ... Ask her simply because they it will tell you intended or ehrer explain when it interesiert you ...

But please remember that it has taken them very determined ... so they question Sensitive

LG in advance and get well for your girlfriend :)

the then already say doctors

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