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Hey :) I met a Icelanders on holiday three years ago. He has extreme equilibrium problems. Now I work 2x a year with him (when I'm there) under the saddle, otherwise the owner longiert (due to herniated riding impossible) or does groundwork. It stands in an open stable. Now the owner of the horse will be too expensive, so he does not make money in the school system. How can I convince my parents to the full lease / purchase? I really love him!

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I also talk about grade my parents call them arguments and write quite possible texts from you can take .. My mother has already agreed only my vater.Sag what you had them for fun with the horse and arguments how much it means to you

Describe your case and ask it easy !? Offering the horse to finance with, as far as you can. A horse is expensive and if your parents do not want (or can) then you can not make much of it.

Your parents will be set no horse just because you want it. Because they have to pay for the maintenance and these are certainly a few hundred euros a month. A horse therefore does not calculate economically.

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