what to do if you come from a family asocial?

Hello, it upsets me very much that my family is not normal. In my family no one is criminal or anything, but there is often controversy at home and the neighbors get it every time with .. My mother studied constantly armed and no longer listens on to shouting and beleidigen..Mal she argues with me, times in which we live with one of my other Geschwister..und the house is really scruffy :( but my parents just do not want ausziehen..ich ashamed of my family and can my friend with whom I am more than a year together easily not take it home, because I see it all so embarrassing ... Our landlady also greets us not because we are so antisocial :( I really very ashamed and was afraid that the people out there know one probably that I made an antisocial budget come

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To your headline:

It make one day better or differently. The home can not bum as (scruffy so you mean doing nothing, or did you old?). So to the age of a house you can do nothing in the rule, simply take off, depending on the destination and month as a guide available money is not always possible.

Things you can do today? With regard to the heading you can do nothing. For you personally but you can act by you look for a new home. A shared apartment (na and wenns only NEN mini room would matter) are based, or with friends a WG. Old enough you are already feasible and certainly ists, even if one does not deserve the big bucks.

"Asozial" because I'd now but thought whatever ... So there can not argue constructively family member and is quite harsh and noisy there. With a large family there is always times Zoff, that's normal. Yes, and the home, as can be tackled together or you can it as it is and all the children seek in adulthood a new home either.

Asozial is something else, your family is somewhat chaotic and there are strong conflicts. And do not bother so worried about what other people from you and your family think where there is none. Speech best with your family and say that you like to take your friend but would you ashamed that would be fought again.

in your age should get his parents slowly into the handle.

yell help anybody, and certainly not in the family. So hau times with his fist on the table and add a few rules on for a more relaxed colloquial.

your parents may not want to, that you have left the family because of them.

So, if you can not do alone control, you maybe your friend could help or family aid, or the youth office.

how old are you? Maybe you can go and see the youth welfare office and ask what you can do because, as you yourself very uncomfortable feeling in the family.

Eben I once flew over your other questions and can understand in any way why you can not go out 22 years. There is no explanation.

Other come with student loans and child support in a WG financially cope. Besides, you have also the money from your part-time job.

So what's stopping you to finally start her own life?

If you so problems with communication have really put time together and talk about everything. That helps sometimes very! Emergency there are also people who have specialized attention to so disputes.

Best own apartment / own house get. Just because your parents assozial you are over, that does not mean that you it will be the same. My parents came precisely as a family and they have done exactly the opposite, which was inflicted on them so I feel good, I might not meet your question, but just because your parents are so you are not equal :-)

Sad that you see it that way. Maybe your parents are "different". But you are there not become big? You should therefore they do not despise but maybe change something with them.

Off - and do it yourself better ... And not be surprised if that's harder than I thought ...

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