What to do if you're not very pretty?

Hello, I have degree somehow real problems ... So this is so, I never find who finds me really nicely, my girlfriends are always beautiful. I know you're thinking I've determined a loss, but it bothered me just very. But I have to accept that yes. So, as I push this idea way? (I'm not potthässlich, stops just not nice)

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It is always the same, I'm not beautiful and it is so important for you as you yourself look like or how you made up are the one count only the interior values ​​if you were beautiful but a ass Losch are then it is also kake count it the values ​​inside in real and accept you I bet fu're beautiful so be rather in the inner well and not in außerem

I think you're quite pretty, looks is not everything and even if someone is potthässlich long as it maintains itself and so well behaving now as a girl no bitch, or so it brings out the best of yourself and then halt your girlfriends beautiful in your eyes but eventually you will find a young of finds you beautiful or just like your character because what good is a the most beautiful woman in the world if you do not understand her because I is character from good German for the garbage bin :)

Concentrate. On other things, beauty is superficial and has for each other beudeutung Eventually you will find someone who so like how you are. Until this occurs sometime however, you have to learn to love yourself. not to waste your time so attempts to compare yourself with others. Be you rather own, no one wants a cheap copy. Imagine you doing you two apples stand before you. One is beautiful red and large and round, the other is the same, but has a few small, brown spots. If you are in the first clean bite, you spit everything back from: The inner is rancid and grayish and mushy. However, if you purely biting the less beautiful apple, you want the same again bite him. He is nice and juicy and sweet and fruity. Überlegs you even know if you really want to be beautiful, or whether you want to be a person with a personality. Everyone is nice, as it is. not blame yourself for your lack of self-love, if the company has you fooled an ideal that is impossible to achieve. Have fun and happiness even further on your lebensweg :)

tamsin007 has already said what I wanted to say, so I leave it;)

A friend of mine is on every morning and says to himself: "I am beautiful / handsome" They funnels so long one to them it feels. And I do not think of myself as strikingly handsome etc, but I just try to score points by strength of character and it works! :)

I think that no one can see perfectly because there is always something that you want to change or because someone is handsome or so. That geschied only in the mind. Everyone is perfect is as it

Beauty is not everything, but to put in beautiful clothes and thus get compliments is just great :-)

Lenke you but with something from, this obsession with beauty is in the long run much on the psyche and perfect you'll never feel

What should be? If you are not beautiful, then you're just not beautiful. Since you can not do anything. You could also order the 10,000 euros for a full plastic surgery pay ^^

Perhaps more count on inner values? ;) A man has so much more to offer than its appearance!

(If you like you can give me s image send, and then I say to you my opinion)

all women think the same comic

You need more self-confidence.

Eventually you will have someone you beautiful place :)

Thinking so that every girl in his own way is beautiful and you have something unique. ;)

Love yourself as you are, not everyone is perfect and if it has all the perfect facial features, the eyebrows, the hair, the nose, the lips, then were nevertheless eh only splash in the face.

For certain people you're not 1000x Pretty as your friend, and for others, everyone has a different taste, thinking simply positive and look at others who have eg acne, or other diseases and you can appreciate you happy, no such thing to have!

Lg :-)

You worry too much. :)

Do not think that every girl

You're first, still in development, I guess .... and everyone is beautiful .... you see yourself very critically ...... blümchen dearest greetings

Come on! You're not ugly! No you're even very very pretty! Why did so even doubt you are beautiful really.

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