what to do in case of splintering nails

Hello, my nails splintering total. I have tried it felt a hundred thousand things from the drugstore and even that of Douglas. But has all brought nothing. Do you have recommendations ??

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I have taken up my nails brittle silica tablets since they are no longer so, but also does not happen after a month. I then still used by Microcell to nail hardeners, and have also had success with it. the nails One should sometimes leave them alone and not always drangehen and piddeln.

I had / have the problem ... Very important for nails is also CALCIUM. I take every day two tablets. Auserdem use a brand oil alverde, which is very good (morning and evening) and a nail cream by alverde. I do this for about a month and my nails are already viiiiiel better. And when a brand starts again splintering then I file it (very important with a glass venal, always in one direction)

I hope I could help you :)

My nails were by prior gel sculpturing totally broken and brittle. Are characterized also chipped. Now they are regenerated. Open to silica-coated tablets of dm and nail products P2 and partly of Loreal: nail hardeners Moisturizing Gel (moisturizing) ... a lot of care. In addition, there are special nail files (eg from Ebelin an anti-split file). Try sometimes a hand mask or nail mask, either from the drugstore or simply with olive oil. This helps brittle and dry nails. In addition, I would also temporarily waive nail polish because of the often dry out. :)

Perhaps because of poor nutrition. On zinc or calcium deficiency. Mind helps:

-Kürze Your nails with a nail file (not hard, but soft)

-care Your nails with nail oil or Nagelcreme

-Take contrast tablets

-Kieselsäure I would not recommend you. Better would be biotin. If you take a daily 2.5 mg of it to be (best known as combination product of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids), one sees by Ca. 3 months first effects.

-Lackiere Your nails in the near future first rather not.

I hope I could help you.

LG mokikimo

(Not only) get your nails too little nutrients.

I had good results with the use of a high-quality mineral mix.

I know that too. As soon as my nails are a little longer they begin to splinter. So I file it just short (with a Glafeile) and then they no longer splinter. do you drink enough - because it can also be!

Mach best nothing. My only were stronger after I drauftat no nail polish.

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