what to do? My dog ​​has fleas

My dog ​​has fleas

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it depends on how strong the flea infestation. For light infestations usually only a simple spot-on preparation. In stronger you should consult the TA and plan to align way, such as a worm treatment with him. Anyway, I would advise you at the fleas TA seek because he usually knows best what helps fastest and most effective. Https://www.fressnapf.de/ratgeber/beitrag/hund-floehe-grasmilben Here you can also just read, wherein the difference zwiswchen fleas and mites is. That last summer 2 times helped me, as we were affected by both once each. Pretty annoying the whole thing but with proper prevention you have it at least be right back going;)

I wish you success!

I make you a recommendation of Latanis the anti-parasite and equal the ambient spray. Since you have not ran with deadly chemicals. Latanis is because biologically go. There are low and with additional discount when bioforpets.de

at flea infestations have to be treated the dog, while the whole surrounding area! Remedy there the vet and in stores.

Some useful information to:


Then you have to go to the vet where you get determines a spray or powder against fleas with him.

Fled medium Get to the vet and then clean, wash, clean, wash .... everything !!! clothes need to drive all be cleaned ... and avoid absolutely conspecifics and animal contact to others of your dog and also from you animals

Get Flohmittel the vet.

Adjusting your flea bag at the vet before ... You'll the appropriate means to fight flea infestations get and you can buy the appropriate means to escaped your apartment thoroughly and equal ...

All washable as hot as possible wash, dog beds, pillows, Heiadecken ...

Clean all floors thoroughly, upholstered furniture and beds off thoroughly and suck ...

It is already quite complicated with the Entflohungs procedure

Go to the vet

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