What to do to become a dog trainer you have to?

Hello, Wanted to know what you have to do to become dog trainers times. Since 2014 there is this requirement that you must present a certified, how and where you get the? And how long does a training about? Has anyone idea about? Thank you and best regards! :)

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Where stores the certification depends on the state, best check with the relevant local authority. Normally the tests will take place in the respective chambers veterinarians. The question of how? - The examination consists of a theoretical and practical part, the test charges are in the upper three digits and yes, you can not pass the test well and must store them for selbiges money again.

As a layman, you usually little chance to pass the exam, you must either already have more plant Erfahung as a dog trainer, or well-prepared. You should get on the authority, references for the theoretical test.

In the practical test it is somewhat more difficult without Erfahung, there are eg Vorbereitungssemiare.

What do you do exactly have to be a dog trainer to be a very complex question which I answered on my website (see profile).

A training, teaching profession does not exist in this area. The fastest and safest way to get to their destination on the teaching profession from the zookeeper.

Ideally, you'll find a shelter where you will be trained and

learn there before a lot about dogs. Furthermore, self-motivated training, internships is then asked in as dogs schools, etc.

If you also why should always fail, you still have your leg from the zookeeper which you would not have without proper training.

Any seminar, workshop, etc. ala "How to become a dog trainer", "Dog Trainer 3 weeks, etc." cost a lot of money and have always the risk that you therefore do not deserve enough and have then save cost absolutely nothing to show because certifications are worth nothing in this area.

What now does not mean the deratige trainings are bad, quite the contrary, there are excellent training which cost but this.

But the problem is always the future, what happens after the workshop? Is there in my area at all a demand of the dog owner, I can earn any money, maybe I need to move to a larger city?

Just because you have completed the workshop / seminar and now are a well-trained dog trainer, does not that you can work in this area now, you want to earn so what - what must earn the expensive training reinzubekommen again.

Therefore, these considerations are important in advance before I throw myself into such a costly price.

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