What to do when entering the Wehnen with my mother I do?

So she is pregnant, and the estimated date of birth was yesterday, so it could come at any time but I do not know what to do, then. Should I just call an ambulance? Because my dad is currently on a business trip and I'm only 15 and can not therefore go there

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So first does not work that way in the film: labor, rupture of membranes, since child within 30 minutes.

Your mother is 100% for a long time a plan for how she will then handle. She has nevertheless already brought at least one child in the world.

If the labor starts you usually have a few more hours, sometimes even days time. Since it is above the date, it is now anyway knock very regularly to the gynecologist and will have to tell her what she needs to do wenns get going and she does not know.

Send Most data hospitals a return home when the contractions distances are too great, they say rule of thumb at 10 minutes between contractions should slowly think about it, to make their way. That's when you have no one who can bring an even by taxi. Ambulance is only useful if the waters have already burst, because then only be transported lying down (just because it also after that may take a while and you do not want to risk that too much amniotic fluid is lost, even though the baby might 3 day stays inside).

  • When labor starts, a woman in general is still plenty of time and your mother will be able to decide what she wants to do.
  • I advise you very strongly this question to discuss with your mother and not with us. Be open and honest about what to do with each other and discuss.
  • If your mother does not control the situation and you get scared in any way, it is never wrong to call an ambulance. The emergency number for this is the 112th

All the best!

@ Cold shoulder

This is not the first child that gets your mother, she knows what needs to be done there.

Talk to her about it and she will tell you what you need to do then. Either taxi or ambulance. May be yes also, the contractions are when you're in school.

Surely it also has a "emergency bag" provided when you start having contractions, which she then takes her to the hospital.

For your mama good luck

Why not you discuss this with your mother?

Well, your mother will know what to do .... You can call an ambulance or take a taxi!

Show her the cold shoulder: D

Yes call the ambulance you they can not very well drive yourself to sick house

This will have yet discussed your parents. Your mother knows what to do.

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