What to do when my dog ​​anpinselt my stuff?

My dog ​​pees on all the time wooden furniture and plastic stuff, Is there any spray that does not piss the dogs there? Please answer, thank you

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Take it easy to brush off. Seriously, it always has a cause. To annoy you, he does not. Possible causes: chronic underemployment, lack of outlet, Gassi courses too little, disease, sexually increases, behavior of other males against (his hunting ground mark), psysische problems among others

Had a regular dog (male, neutered, Settermix), the first thing when he came to me, the whole kennel (cleaned, disinfected) with urine and feces marked (before discharge). he has performed daily during his stay this procedure. For testing purposes, I took him into the house. Within a short time he has barely missed a spot. When his people in the house and in the office, he was absolutely clean. His problem were simply other dogs, although he has absolutely socially behave towards them. But (!), It itself was difficult to achieve, somehow he was self-sufficient as a former farm dog from Tuscany. He had received a life of luxury, unfortunately not binding. He would have been happier in his home.

On the other case, had a Mastino Napolitano (also regular), which marked at home everywhere and lived with a Jagdhundmixwasweißichwashündin. The owners fared no different than you. The male (neutered) was with his dog in the kennel and in my house. Not the slightest sign of uncleanliness. He clung to me like a leech, threatened my husband. Generally he could not stand men towards them was very aggressive. The history I can only guess me. This is also a cause and is very deep with experience, ie psysisch connected.

Go the matter to the bottom. Everything else is just little relief and not really help the animals and you.

@ Xena2468,

this problem, we know from experience.

Our experience teaches us that the dogs like to mark all as soon as they become sexually mature.

This marking allows to gradually hear after the males were castrated.

Since we have a lot to do with un-neutered males and highlight the now once like everything we do, first, the marked places clean and then spray these places a hairspray. The so treated areas are then no longer be highlighted.



you make your dog's ears keep (PLEASE CAREFULLY), he put the show he has peed and anmeckert him. thereby learns your dog that it was a mistake. if he does it often, you should do that too often.

mfg :)

Open to him off the color and brush. ;-)

schimpfen-> raushauen In the zeigen->

How old is your dog?

Maybe you should often go out with him and let him pee?

It also helps if you give a little vinegar to the washing water - then he no longer pieselt like to the same place ...

Try to sprüen Deo ...

He apparently liked pinselt, book him a painting course in the community college!

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