What to do with contributing exempted life insurance after death? How to calculate it?

Hi, on 1.4.85 a LV was completed and in 3J. were about, to 1988 paid about 1200EUR and from there provided free amount. On 1.4.15 the insurance runs out, the owner is deceased in Jan.15.

From 2009, a contract worth 600EUR was identified with identity card of risk protection of 900EUR in case of death. The state today are, for 1.4.15 only 360EUR due and even the guarantee payment has shrunk by half.

Here you can see actually how beautiful the money was destroyed by the fees at Anafng, but I do not understand the low payout. The insurance knows the death anything yet. What causes the fluctuations and what should / will pay the insurance. Are there time limits to be observed? Can also transmit or extend such life insurance?

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Hi Controller,

first you should clarify who the actual person entitled to the death of the insured! Then the company needs to be paid to this person entitled to the Police in the original and a copy of Sterburkunde and details of the bank account of eligible person.

What do the individual, you mentioned figures, can here be only guessed: So 900 € in case of death should be guaranteed Auszahlsumme!

Only in case of early withdrawal, which is no longer but by the premature death of the insured person indeed possible, these reduced Auszahlsummen, eg apply your € 360.

... and even the guarantee payment has shrunk by half.

This statement can not be true as either the sum guaranteed, then they can be halved in no case,

or you're confusing because what with the guaranteed proportion and the non-guaranteed surplus share ...

Greeting Siola

Decisive is the redemption value at the date of contribution exemption.

Logically, the death benefit is unattainable at the conclusion; through the contribution exemption, the conditions have changed, in other words without the forecast of the insurance value, including interest and the possible excess, and the redemption value falls very low.

Conceivable that one rausbekommt considerably less than was in contributions ever paid - correctly the commission at closing are due and already subtracted: -O

G imager761

Such existing contracts can not be transferred or extended.

Why the flow totals fluctuate so, nobody can in a forum to answer, since it is known neither the exact course of the contract, nor the insurers or the tariff.

Your answer can you even answer only the insurance company.

It makes sense, however, that you can quickly ask the death certificate and the insurance policy for the settlement of the balance, the insurer is available.

The payoff is then, to the other eligible death benefits person - which should be especially in the insurance policy.

Greeting A

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