What to write pen pal? Communication is so one-sided

I have found a website an email girlfriend, from Indonesia. Fas problem: we have 4 times written ham Ca back and forth but reminds me of nothing more I could write, because she asks me anything. I always have something about me and then asked how it is with her (zbSchule) but then it has always just strikes replied but nothing else told and asked no questions to me. One could think that she would no longer write to me, but it was indeed the wrote to me 2 weeks ago. I want to keep in touch, yes, but how? About what I could write and I bring them to sometimes unasked to tell what, otherwise sleeping yes a. Thanks for ideas. LG)

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Some just want to boast of how much contact they have and brag that they have also many from abroad. nevertheless times to describe attempts her a whole day of you from getting up to go back to bed (which is not little!) and ask them to describe a day on its own. When comes the answer ... "Yes, almost the same as with you" (or something similar) then the only contact Hunter. She was in the letter then no interest. You can then her most still write that you (starting today) do not have time the next year to write it (smile) .... could be that they are really asking why (haha) but then has at least they ever wondered what! !!

Ask them to family, relationship, friends, hobbies, photo, whether it comes times to Germany / Austria / Switzerland, you can meet you or write you if you ever coming to Indonesia. best regards

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