What we all live? Because God ödet what's the point?

What we actually live all? All living things all there is? Some say God is the reason why we live we should serve him, and later when you have done it rewarded with Paradise The other say there is something not you have your life life, waiting else really only for death Who has then created everything? Everything there has a creator or not with the smartphone with which I am writing this is also not just because someone has done it (a machine but someone has operated) Every day suffers to stress other people achieve more than anyone themselves better than a self-everyone wants to be higher and more power and money than the other true yet or not? !!! Man standing on work goes comes home broken stress at work Chef babbles again only and you are on it dependent for money what do you need to live That's all dovh sau stupid or do not you? If there is no God what we do all this? And why are we just here? Is there a point? And if there is no God is all we ever do either bad luck or good luck? What's all here?

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Since this is a personal matter of faith to believe in God or not.

I do not see that God is the reason why we live, but rather that God has given us the opportunity to live. What we make of it is the result of our freedom and of those whose decisions impact with our lives. The reason, as long as God and eternal life exist, is in the collection of experiences in the character development and maturity. All matter is only of earthly meaning. It is much depends on what you do with it, after all, one has what one, drawn up by all, to physical assets, including money in life, nothing more, once the body is dead.

So why do we will live you probably not be able to answer. After all since centuries mankind searches for the reason.

I think that there must be definitely something that wants you exist. Your body is a real survival artist who tries at all costs to keep you alive, the evolution fits us permanently the current living conditions, etc .. .Fasten reason why some want us to exist, you will be but probably never find ,

That one always wants to be better than others simply lies in the nature of man. We have a huge mass, and since everyone has that need-to stand out, and get observance. Therefore, we feel, in my opinion even schadenfreude. If someone makes mistakes, it makes him in the moment to produce a "bad" people, and lets you better stand there, if you know what I mean.

kibasaft for kibasaft yes is quite nieze

May you find the answer to your question.

God there wirklich.Und not just one, there are many Götter.Aber in heaven there is a hierarchy.

Albert Einstein: "He who sees no sense in life is not only unhappy but hardly viable."

To push the people of money in the butt;)

So there is no God, so much so.

As for your personal purpose in life, the you have to find yourself. But a tip I can give you:

Enjoy your life!

Since none knows exactly how to proceed after death (theories and wishful thinking there many), it is not wrong to act as if this is your only life. And I think if you then lie on your deathbed you would like to be able to say "Geil wars!"

Search not for a higher meaning.

The idea that everything has been created in the universe exclusively and only for us, is already quite megalomania (megalomania).

And with respect to the mobile phones and the creator:

You're right, objects such as snowmen, mobile phones and so have created all a / n creator / in, but it's never as an object by divine intervention without the help of a human.

What we all live?

Eat, sleep, go to the locus and eventually die.

Strawberry cheese!

Man lives only to mutually exterminate and destroy everything so the next creatures coming at some point a new habitat is

Whether God or can not tell you no one

Hello soeinmistxD, the true meaning and purpose of human existence is a spiritual. The point is that one is aware of who we are. Most people define themselves through their bodies while we are souls. taken as the Supersoul, God from the same essence.

The soul is immortal and destined again to go back to their true home. So is the meaning of life self-knowledge and God-knowledge. We need to find God during life. After the death is no longer possible and we have to be re born. Until we in a life finally sheep our senses from the outside world to pull back and go inside and there find God.

God! Makes no sense for you?

apart from money !!! The people live for money and exploit the weaker and more stupid from, as in the nature! and after a life of self-deception they die and be reborn and the whole process starts all over again and again and again! this can be just like you definitely go to the point now comes and asks why everything ???? God is the answer !!!!

where is god, what he wants to achieve with it? the answer you can find in this book:

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